Commercial & Development


As commercial architects, we have to be aware of creative design, as well as budget and time constraints in order to strike a balance between architectural creativity and practicality.

Combining this with our technical know-how ensures we can deliver our services effectively and efficiently.

We are proud to have worked on a number of commercially focused projects including internal refurbishments, extensions and new-build schemes for a number of different commercial environments including corporate offices, industrial units, sports facilities etc.



There's a growing demand for land suitable for development - this means strategic land buying can be a lucrative investment for developers and investors.

Our architectural experience can add value to your land by designing and securing planning permission for a suitable scheme; turning an under-used, under-valued parcel of land into a desirable and valuable commodity.

In addition to our technical experience, being in the architectural field we have built up a network of contacts and have been instrumental in connecting different parties to facilitate in the buying/selling/developing of land and property.

Commercial Projects

Development Projects