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Wellness at work - Office Dog Exploits

Arkhi Cloudhaus

At arkhi we are really proud to be a dog friendly environment. When you pop in for a coffee or meeting with us, you might be greeted by Star the spaniel who thinks you exist to fuss her and will usually present you with her latest toy, or Klari the Vizla who hurts her tail from wagging it so much! Be careful with your chair – if you vacate it, it might get stolen

We welcome our client’s furry friends too, although be careful – if your pooch is pretty we might never let them leave! Even Jack the Jack Russell, the cause of much hilarity and who likes to steal sandwiches from handbags, is welcome to come and help himself to a treat.

Research has shown that bringing pets in to work increases employee performance and productivity and reduces employee’s intention to leave their job. Increasing numbers are encouraging their workforce to bring their pet pal to work – 8% of US companies including multi nationals like Amazon are dog friendly. Pets can also serve as a source of social support and interaction, as well as being a source of conversation. Blood pressure and heart rates were significantly lower when being measured against spousal company and alone in testing performed by Allen et al.

We had great fun recently putting our doggie knowledge to the test – take a look at our conceptual kennel design entry to the Goodwoof Barkitecture Competition 2020.

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Arkhi Architects Ltd presents the ‘Canine Contemplation……’, a calming and contemplative kennel for all breeds of dogs. The minimal design creates expanses of enclosure open to interpretation, every dog who enters the kennel can have its own experience and understanding of what the space should be used for. Each dogs journey through the kennel is unique and the dialogue created between dog and kennel is personal, a continuous exchange of emotions. There are no right or wrong ways to use the kennel, all ideas, thoughts and feelings are welcomed and encouraged.

The exterior of the kennel is decorated with vibrant artwork which relates to the users, stimulating their imagination and unlocking the limitations within their minds. The interior is a stark contrast to this, minimal decoration with a warm colour palette and soft furnishings to create a comfortable and serene environment free from the restrictions of the past or the pressures of the future, it is simply the present. Transition between the two areas will provide the dogs with an opportunity to engage with their innermost thoughts, making them more aware of their deepest feelings and able to analyse and address any issues facing them. Sections of the kennel are glazed with tinted acrylic to allow the inhabitants to view their world and establish a different connection with it than when they are outside, potentially altering and enhancing their perspective of their lives.

Dogs will enter the kennel with existing worries, tensions and anxiety, but they will leave with an enhanced emotional intelligence, piece of mind and a greater awareness and appreciation of what is around them. The use of this dedicated space for their freedom of thought and contemplation will enable them to cope with the stress of everyday life and improve their mental wellbeing