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Development Options: Planning Appraisal Report

Arkhi Site Development

Knowing how to develop your parcel of land can be a daunting and complicated process to understand. It’s important to understand the constraints and opportunities evolving from the location of the site as well as the legal and planning aspects that could affect any future development.

Here at Arkhi, we provide a range of services from inception right through to the completion of your project. One way in which we can help at the very beginning of your construction journey is helping you to understand how your land can be developed through one of our Development Options: Planning Appraisal Reports.

Our planning development appraisals provide a strategy for your development following a review of local and national planning policy along with relevant constraints, such as Green Belt and Conservation Areas etc.

The report outlines a series of comprehensive strategies detailing not only the site’s and surrounding area’s planning history, its physical characteristics, and environmental constraints but also the planning context in terms of site designations and relevant local, district and national planning policies. Our reports provide detailed and robust conclusions with actionable recommendations to generate the best value for your site. We also help to identify any associated supporting reports which may be required to support a planning application.

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