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Property in Alderley Edge

Arkhi Alderley Edge

Dominated by sparsely located, large country estate houses mainly owned by the De Trafford's, the development of Alderley Edge didn’t accelerate notably until the construction of the railway in 1842.

Progressive understanding regarding the health benefits of spending more time in the countryside (particularly in contrast to the dense smog of industrial Manchester), led to a trend in wealthier families relocating to the peripheries, but with easy access into the city centre provided by the ever-improving rail network.

The Manchester and Birmingham Railway company actually offered free season tickets valid for 20 years to families who built houses within 1 mile of Alderley Edge train station, a lucrative move that resulted in the construction of the many Victorian Villa houses, such as can be seen on Woodbrook Road and Macclesfield Road, and five of which are now Listed.

These sizeable plots and the general natural beauty of the area, with the area being well known for its mature deciduous trees, as well as it’s elevated topography and interesting geological features (the well-known sandstone outcrop at the Edge for example) give it a sense of prestigious, all adding to the appeal that the area still holds today.

Properties retain their high values (in fact it is renowned to be one of the most expensive places to live in the country outside London) and as such there are now numerous mansion houses with styles ranging from contemporary to mock Tudor and Italian.

Alderley Edge also has numerous large terraced houses within close proximity to the centre on London Road, with great appeal for young professionals, and the average asking price in the town is now around £735,000 (compared to £310,000 and £460,000 respectively in nearby Macclesfield and Knutsford).

This certainty in a secure property market has led to massive interest from developers in the area, and as such you would be hard pushed to drive through the town and not see at least half a dozen large scale residential redevelopment projects. For those that live there, it is a great investment to maximise the potential of their property and as such many residents are appointing Architects to evaluate their living arrangements and remodelling their homes to keep up to date with contemporary taste, with such improvements as creating open plan layouts, adding garden rooms that offer a link between their inside and outside space, and making the most of any loft space that their property has.