Our Work

Here's a small selection of projects we have been involved with.

Historic Renovation, Congleton

This grade II listed building faces a £3 million renovation and extension.

The extension will acommodate a dining room with unobstructed views and 12m swimming pool.

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Cloudhaus, Congleton

Cloudhaus belongs to our very own director, Matthew Lewis. Surrounded with a picturesque backdrop, this new build clearly showcases a minimalistic and contemporary design.

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Cottage Extention, Bollington 


This cottage located in Bollington faces the addition of two extensions, maximising the internal space and creating unique open-plan living areas. A contrasting palate of materials has been used to define the new extensions from the original cottage.


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Copper Extension, St Helens

This bold extension is finished in copper and burnt larch and facilitates a new Kitchen which has become the heart of the home.

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Hale Barns, Altringham 

A new build dwelling located in Hale. Once completed this building will show off its contemporary architecture through the carefully selected palette of materials along with its simplistic form.

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Park Hill, Warwickshire

This single storey dwelling located within Warwickshire captures the beauty of masonry as a main building material.

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The Piggeries, Surrey 

Two existing Barns are to be converted into a new family home. The Barns will be connected via a new extension, clad in a standing seam zinc. The design aims to strike a balance between retaining and respecting the existing and traditional elements of the building and upgrading the building for contemporary family living.

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Prestbury, Dwelling Renovation and Extension 

Located in Prestbury, this dwelling had undergone a full renovation and extension makeover. An injection of contemporary and minimalistic style transformed this once rundown building into a home fit for modern lifestyles.

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