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Eco Design

ARKHI are proven practitioners when it comes to Eco-design. We have put our money where our mouth is in developing our knowledge through construction.


Our director has also embarked on the journey of constructing his own sustainable home, which incorporates improved insulation depths, solar panels, green roof and highly efficient glazing.


We work closely with you to draft your designs, focusing on your key criteria. We will then suggest other avenues that might interest you - developing a combined design which balances aspirations, budget and build-ability.


We can do all of the 'leg-work' in sourcing reputable products, suppliers and accreditors, or point you in the right direction if you choose to take on the task yourself. We have a depth of knowledge of the industry and know where to look and what for.


We can organise installers, accreditors and suppliers to make visits to assess, discuss and carry out the installation and testing of specialist items.



We can offer a post-occupancy evaluation of the final sustainable design, assessing how any technologies work for you in practice, what works well, or what could be improved.

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