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This project in Staffordshire serves as an extension to the kitchen of a large traditional house in a small rural village. The traditional, but unconventional and interesting house is painted completely white and features a large, attractive garden.

In monochrome contrast against the existing house, the brick of the extension will be black. This material choice ties in with the Staffordshire slate roof of the kitchen and garden room to create a clean form. This dark object cuts into the building, and opens out into the garden through a panoramic view created by the corner-to-corner glazing. This pulls the garden into the kitchen and sitting space, effectively creating an internal space that becomes part of the garden.

Above the doors sits a large glazed section that perfectly frames a vista of an aged tree at the bottom of the garden.This garden space within the extension features sliding glass double doors that conceal themselves within the area of the glazed corners when open, allowing the space to function with both an internal and external experience through simply opening a sliding door.

Current Stage:

> Pre-planning

> Planning

> Building Regulations

> Detailed Design

> Construction

> Completion

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